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Know All About Wrinkles & Facial Lines

Know All About Wrinkles & Facial Lines

Internal Aging

Internal Aging: With the advancing of age, the appearance of our skin begins to change. Some of those changes are determined by our genes. The first signs of wrinkles can appear when the natural regenerative process begins to slow down around age 30. Our skin cells divide more slowly and the inner layer of the skin (or dermis) starts to thin causing the onset of facial lines and wrinkles.

External Aging

External Aging: Constant exposure to extreme cold or heat, too much time in the sun, psychological stress and poor nutrition can all contribute to prematurely aging our skin.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid: Hyaluronic acid plays an important role in the way our skin looks, feels and functions. This naturally produced sugar molecule attracts and retains water like a sponge. It can absorb more than 1,000 times its weight. Having the right amount of hyaluronic acid keeps our skin hydrated and improves our overall appearance. Over time, environmental pollutants and the sun’s ultraviolet rays break down our skin cells’ ability to produce hyaluronic acid.


Wrinkles develop when our bodies ability to produce enough collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid slows down, causing the skin to lose elasticity and volume. As the skin’s oil-secreting glands degenerate, skin is deprived of lipid emulsions which results in dry and looser skin.


Frown lines (lines between the eyebrow) and crow’s feet (lines that radiate from the corner of the eyes) appear because of persistent small muscle contraction. Habitual facial expressions also form characteristic lines and contribute to drooping eyelids.

The Aging Process

The Aging Process


Wrinkles and sun damaged skin are common consequences of aging. Genetics plays a huge factor in when we start to develop wrinkles and how many wrinkles we get. But wrinkles will come. If you want to reduce your existing wrinkles and possibly prevent new ones from appearing you should consider the options.


There are a variety of medications, skin treatment techniques, injections and fillers that serve as effective wrinkle treatment options. Do your own research and speak to a healthcare professional for advice.


Wrinkles are a fold, ridge or crease in the skin. Some wrinkles become deeper and more visible in certain areas especially around the eyes, mouth and neck. Wrinkles are caused by many common factors.


Age: Your skin becomes less elastic due to a decrease in the body’s production of natural oils. This results in drying your skin and ultimately – wrinkles.

Too Much Sun

Too Much Sun: Ultraviolet light and radiation from the sun accelerates the aging process that leads to wrinkles. Regular exposure to intense sunlight will break down the collagen and elastin fibers in your skin. This causes the skin to lose strength and flexibility. Sags and wrinkles will form prematurely.


Smoking and regular exposure to second-hand smoke can also accelerate the aging process and causes wrinkles.

Repeated facial expressions

Repeated facial expressions: Have lots of laughter in your life, but know that over time laugh lines or crow’s feet will form around your eyes and mouth as the skin loses elasticity and allows wrinkles and ridges to remain.


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