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How We Age – Complete Aging Process

How We Age – Complete Aging Process and Wrinkle Symptoms

In your 30s:

  • Crow’s feet appear around the eyes
  • Smile lines become noticeable
  • Fine lines begin to show on your forehead

A refreshed you

The time to deal with the wrinkles that appear around the eyes, forehead and just below your nose, is when they first start appearing.

Not only will it smooth wrinkles and reduce those fine lines, Dysport will also help prevent deeper lines from getting worse.

When Dysport is injected directly into the wrinkled muscles, it temporarily relaxes them.

Facial Lines & Wrinkles - At the Age 30

In Your 40s:

  • Lip volume begins to reduce
  • Corners of the mouth reverse
  • Wrinkles and lines become deeper

Feeling Comfortable in Your Skin

Thinning and less resilient skin is what defines your forties. Wrinkle lines begin to deepen and you don’t have quite the same volume in your lips. EMERVEL addresses all of these imperfections and restores the fullness and shape of your skin lost through aging.

An injectable, like EMERVEL, can reduce wrinkles in various areas around the face.

Facial Lines & Wrinkles - At the Age 40

In Your 50s:

  • Lips lose volume and jawline becomes less firm
  • Cheeks and midface begin to sag
  • Lines and wrinkles begin to deepen

A Rejuvenated Face

Even slowing hormones and cell renewal that comes with the 50s aren’t enough to match the effectiveness of EMERVEL. As your facial features become increasingly more pronounced and sagging becomes more noticeable along the jaw, an injectable like EMERVEL can revitalize your skin and redefine the structure of your cheeks and jawline along with smoothing out folds and laughs lines.

Facial Lines & Wrinkles - At the Age 50

In your 60s:

  • Loss of skin volume becomes more obvious
  • Skin loses moisture and discolouration more pronounced
  • Sagging in the face occurs in many more locations

Invigorate Your Appearance

As the sagging of the jawline and loss of volume in the face continues into the 60s, your skin now begins to lose moisture causing your face to appear dry, tight and even flaky. Discolouration in the face is also apparent at this age, EMERVEL reintroduces hydration into your skin and helps to better define your face contour. Wrinkles will be smooth and the volume in your skin restored.

Facial Lines & Wrinkles - At the Age 60

In your 70s:

  • Skin continues to lose moisture and discolouration increases
  • Sagging continues in all areas of the face
  • Lines and wrinkles in your face are increasingly deeper

A Refined and Replenished Appearance

With age comes the glow of wisdom and EMERVEL wants you to shine like we believe you should. Look past the sagging skin or the increased discolouration in your face. EMERVEL is the answer to restoring your appearance and invigorating your skin; smoothing out your wrinkles will have you looking years younger and everyone will take notice.

Facial Lines & Wrinkles - At the Age 70
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